September 22

My Family History

Hello, today I’m going to tell you about my family history. My family history is actually really cool, but anyways here it is:

My mum was born in Australia and so were her parents, but my mums great grandparents are actually from England and Ireland. My step dad and his hole family are from New Zealand, my dad was born in Australia, my gramama was born in Africa, my grampapa was born in Sey Shells, I cant really explain what Sey Shells is but you can search it up its really pretty. But anyways, my great great grandfather he fought in world war one and he fought for England but lied about his age and was only 16. He then came home from war with sharpel in his shoulder (sharpel is were a bomb explodes and metal fly’s every were and he got it in his shoulder) because of that he wasn’t allowed to go to world war two, so instead he helped pretect England during the English bombings. He then came to Australia and lived in Kalgoorlie. (My nans grandad). Also his name is victor, dads name Thomas, and he was my granny’s dad.
My dads grandad was born in USA and worked for NASA.
All my big pop’s ancestors came from Ireland moved to New Zealand and started a brewey, sadly it burnt down. But they made them mayor of a new market in Aucland, then they named a street after him called Switer Street and there is now a carpark were his brewery used to be. Then they came to Australia and went to Melbourne first then to WA. Name: William Suiter.

Thats all but heres a photo of my great great grandfather and his wife:

August 30

Our Amazing Pinch Pots

Hello, today we started somthing new in art. We’re doing stuff with clay! And I’m so happy we are because I love making things with clay, my nan makes so many cool things out of clay like little pots for plats and there so cute. Okay, so the thing we are making with clay is a pinch pot, a pinch pot is just a little pot or like a mini bowl or somthing like that. And if you ever want to make one here are the steps: first, get a clump of clay and start wedging it. Wedging is we’re you have your hands in a cup shape and you squish it into a spher, by doing this, you are compressing all the air out so then wen you put it in the machine it won’t explode. Once you have a spher, you will shove your thumb in the middle pretty far down but not to far, then you will keep ur thumb in the hole and get two fingers and start pinching the bottom. This is why it is called a pinch pot because you pinch it. While pinching move up words, also do not make the top to thin because it might brake wen dry. And now that you have a pinch pot you can add texture and decorate it how you like. So those are the steps on how to make a pinch pot, now let me tell you about my one that I made. So it isn’t fineshed because the ones we did today were just a practice, but my idea I’m going to do is going to be like one of those pots that have cow horns and ears on them, and that’s what mines going to be. Wen I was bringing it up to the teacher because it was the end of art my friends saw what I did and they were like “omg! You did a little cow, it’s so cute!” And like almost every one came to me or was nere me and looked at it and said “omg that’s so cool your so good at this”. Anyways, that’s all for this blog I hope you enjoyed this blog and tell me if you tried making a pinch pot. Byeeeee.

July 24

I Am From

I Am From

I am from my dogs, cuddling, chasing, playing. Watching them run around.
I am from my family, talking, laughing, smiling. All eating together.
I am from my friends, talking, running, playing. All being silly.
I am from drawing, colouring, shading, sketching. Drawing all kinds of things.
I am from books, reading, turning pages, engaging in sentences. Reading all kinds of things.
I am from guitar, strumming, playing, learning. Playing all kinds of songs.
I am from rain, falling, poring, sprinkling. Making me calm.
I am from music, listening, playing, dancing. Listening to songs all the time.
I am from chocolate, eating, enjoying, biting slowly. Always wanting some.
I am from dumplings, eating, devouring, slurping. Always having them.
Tahlia Larson

I hope u enjoyed this poem we did this in class and wrote it down bye.

June 28

Story starters

Hello, today in class we did story starters. A story starter is we’re you like, say you have a word and you think of a sentence. I’m going to tell you some of mine.

1. Tragic

2. Wonderful

3. Impossible

4. Mars.

Tragic: That book was tragic.

Wonderful: You are a wonderful person.

Impossible: How can we do this, its impossible!

Mars: Mars is a red planet.

I hope you like it, here are some words for you to try and make a story starter.

1. Person

2. Glasses

3. Book.

Comment them once you come up with some, bye!



June 20

The Very Cring Group

Hello, today we were doing a podcast about compaction, and we talked in groups right, we talked into this microphone and the microphone would record it. Once we finished, we would find the right microphone, and there would be like this USB on the bottom, we plugged it in and it would go to this thing called this pc (because we were doing it on laptops) and we would find it, drag it into my documents, then we would go onto our drive and download it. Once we did that, we would share it with our group, my group was: Sasha, Aarna, Sari and me. After we went on this app called ‘Audacity’ and edited it so that like random noises or silent bits won’t be in. And lastly, we put it on a blog. This is mine I hope you like it:

May 31

The Amazing Specials

Hello, today I’m going to tell you about the specials we have in our school, our specials are: Miss Sven the art teacher, Mr Miller the music teacher, Mr Jones the sport teacher and lastly Mr Rielly the science teacher. Now I’m going to tell you the things we are doing in the classes so first we will do art. In art we are doing dripping hearts and we got this idea from two street artist named Dasic Fernanderz and Chris Uphes. Chris did mostly drips in his work and Dasic did happy one bold coloured hearts so we mixed toughs together and made dripping hearts. With these dripping hearts you could ether make the drips coming of the heart, put drips in the background or you could make the top have drips and the bottom have drips. Then we would colour the drips in oil pastels and the heart in paint. And that’s all we are doing.

Now I’m going to tell you what we are doing in music, so in music we have recently learned the cup song you would know that if you have seen my most recent post: The Terrible Cup Song. But we also had a new song that was related to the cup song apparently and I think it’s called Your Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone it’s a good song you should really search it up. That’s not all we’re doing we also do keyboard and a bunch of different songs. That’s all we do.

Now I’m going to tell you about sport. In sport we are doing lawn ball, in lawn ball we do different games, these are some of the games we did: like you had to roll the ball into the hole’s and each hole has a number of points, you have to nock the tennis ball of the cone and the last one I can remember is you have to roll the ball into three hoops, the first hoop was one point, the second is two points and the third is three points. That’s all.

Now lastly is science. In science we are learning how a rainbow is made. A rainbow is made by light hitting a droplet or some type of liquid and inside the droplet is technically a trapezium and the light will bend spreading all the colours making a rainbow. A little fact as well is that the colour that is lest to bend is red and the colour that bends the most is violet. And that’s all we’re doing.

That is all the specials.

May 22

The Terrible Cup Song

Hello, so today we did the cup song in music and we were just learning it so it sounded terrible, we had to redo it so many times becuse everyone was so bad at it, once we finally got the hang of it the class did a challenge. The challenge was the teacher Mr.Miller would do it and go faster and faster and if you messed up you were out. I got out pretty fast becuse I haven’t done the cup song in a long long time. I’Ve been practicing the cup song at home now that I know how to do it. It goes like this: clap clap tablex4 clap up down clap sweep top table bottom hand down. You can search it up one YouTube if you want to learn. Well that’s all we did.

May 19

Hefting around

Hello again, I’m back and today we did hefting, hefting is we’re you get an object like let’s say scissors then you hold them, move your hand up and down and estimate what the weight is. We used different objects the objects we used are: a tennis ball, tissue box, a glass, top trump cards (cards with photos of cars on them), a board eraser, soccer ball, glue stick, twinkle cup, screw driver and a iPad. We wrote down what we thought the objects weight was once we did that we would right down the estimated order from lightest to heaviest. Once every one in our class had finished in our class the teacher weighed the objects. Before I tell you what they were let me tell you what I thought they were: tennis ball: 5 grams, tissue box: 100 grams (I don’t know why I wrote this), glass: 20 grams, top trumps: 10 grams, board eraser: 1 gram ( it felt like nothing), soccer ball: 100 grams, glue stick: 10 grams, twinkle cup: 9 grams, screw driver: 10 killer grams, iPad: I forgot to do this one. Ok now I will tell you the real weight is: Tennis ball: 60 grams, tissue box: 144 grams, glass: 186 grams, top trumps: 108 grams, board eraser: 34 grams, soccer ball: 427 grams, glue stick: 62 grams, twinkle cup: 158 grams, screw driver: 1.5k and iPad: 818 grams. That’s all of the objects that we did.

May 18

Our Class Poems

Hello, so today we did these cinquain poems in class, so these poems are like first word has to have two syllables for the first word then four syllables for the next sentence and then you technically go up in twos but you stop at eight and then go back to two for the last word/words. One of my poems are:

The Garden.


swaying around,

bees busily buzzing around,


that’s it for my poem but if u guys have any poems tell me! Well that’s all for today I’ll see you next time!



May 5

The Amazing Zoo Trip!

Hello again! So today I’m going to tell you about my amazing hotel that I went to. Before we went to the hotel we went to Perth Zoo we went to go see all the animals I wanted to see the tigers but we could not see them so we went to the other side but there were no tigers so we moved on and went top see the nocturnal house. We saw billables, sugar gliders and more! Once we finished that we went to the monkeys and they were so cute. My favourite monkeys were the spider monkeys they were so cute and one even climbed over this like tube made out of rope and the monkey went thorough it there were also little balls of plastic that he/she ran around in the little ball and then she/he sat down in the tube he/she was so cute. After we went to go get lunch we met up with Luke’s friend (Luke is my step dad) Dusty and his daughter izzy/Isabella. Once we finished our lunch we went to the African part of the zoo. Lucky the painted dogs were out so we got to see them it was the afternoon so they were ether sleeping or laying down we also saw lions, hyenas and we went back to the tigers and guess what… They were there! Well one but we saw him/her.We went to the little shop at the zoo and i got: a bag of gems/stones, a little bird  thing and lastly a crystal necklace once we finished we set of to the hotel.